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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 13, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hello. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. on the west coast. on the move again. john mcafee is now here in the
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united states. from belize to guatemala to miami. his path is perplexing. this time he did not sneak in over a border like he did to guatemala, it was more like he seemed to be kicked out of guatemala. he flew into miami last night, but said that it wasn't his choice. guatemalan authorities rejected his request for asylum and instead put him on a one way flight. >> i don't even know why i'm here. this morning i was in jail. today here i am. >> why miami? >> i had no choice. they put me on an airplane. aim here p. i'm not worried at all. if i'm in front of a court, there's nothing in the world they will did to send me back. they have no evidence. i have tons of evidence about the corruption, the harassment, beginning with the attack on my property in april. of course i'm not worried.
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i'd be happy to go in front of a judge, just not one this belize. >> that's the problem because he's still wanted for questioning in belize since his neighbor, this man, american businessman gregory faull, because found murdered in november. a month long ago ga that stretches across three countries and has taken mcafee from a guatemalan prison to a swanky hotel on south beach. and that's where john zarrella caught up with him will. i know this is a bit unusual, but you're joining me by television, you're in the hotel room with mr. mcafee? >> reporter: i'm sitting in the lobby with mr. mcafee. he has refused to give us and on-camera interview, but he did shed many, many details of his saga. and he says that so many people have gotten it wrong, that bottom line he says was that
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back last april, that after he refused to pay a $2 million bribe he says to a politician, that 42 soldiers showed up at his place, handcuffed him, shot his dog and released him. and after that he periodically went in to hiding at night and he was in hiding he says at the time that gregory faull was murdered. he talked about how he ended upcoming to the united states rather than going back to belize. he told me that what he did was that in fact he did fake the heart problems so that he would be put in a hospital in guatemala and that by hutting him in the hospital, there was no way during a short window of opportunity that he says that belize and guatemalan authorities had to send him back to belize, that by being in the
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hospital, he -- >> these pictures we're looking at of him on the stretcher, all of this is a fake, he's admitting he made this all up? >> reporter: yes, and i said so you faked it? and he ysays yes, what would yo have done? >> are his troubles in guatemala over now? is that country out of the picture? >> reporter: yeah, guatemala is out of the picture. he was september to the united states. he entered the country illegally. he freely admits entering the country illegally saying they crossed rivers. even claims to have had a body double on another border. so it's who they were chasing found, which allowed him to make his exit at the border where he crossed. so all kinds of things that he
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is saying about you and his girlfriend, samantha, who is still in guatemala and who he's trying to get a visa for to come to the u.s., the details how they made it across into guatemala. and he says again that crossing rivers and wading through underbrush. so quite a story he is telling. >> john zarrella, you can't make this stuff up. unbelievable story. thank you for that. obviously still a lot of questions here. now that he's on u.s. soil, could it complicate things legally. he's a u.s. citizen, but he was living in belize and he is still wanted for questioning there in that murder of his neighbor. he is not however officially a suspect and the only place where he's charged with breaking the law was guatemala. and guatemala is out of the picture here. so sneaking in a done deal. but what does it mean now that
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he's back in the u.s. let's get perspective from our legal contributor. here's i think the big question. what is our extradition relationship with belize should the authorities decide enough already, we're going to charge so you we can get you back here? >> manage of a fee has become like a virus. how do you like that. but we have a very good cooperation treaty with belize. we cooperate in criminal investigations. we also have an extradition treaty. so if belize decided to charge him with murder, he could be extradited from the united states. i think he's a british citizen, as well. he claims dual citizenship.
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>> so what about the level of cooperation? for instance, if the authorities in belize aren't ready to indict because they may have time constraints like we come in the united states, once you indict, once you arrest the clock starts, would america accepted him back for questioning? or only wait for the charge and wait for the official extradition requests? >> no, he won't lose any rights that he would have under u.s. law. and even if he were a person of interest in an investigation in the united states, in the absence of an arrest warrant, he cannot be taken into custody. however, if they return a murder indictment, he can be forced back. >> do they have capital p. ishment? >> i don't think they do. >> people won't extradite prisoners to the u.s. if there's a potential for facing the death pen a alt penalty. >> and this is a murder
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investigation. whether he'll be charged is an entirely different question. but the prime minister of belize has called him paranoid and, quote, bonkers as a result of statements that mcafee's made about the belize government. so he's not really making too many friends there. >> one last question about the legal situation here in the united states. the family of mr. faull, the murder victim, do they have any recourse, could they go through the civil courts here and go after from mcafee for wrongful death even though there's no conviction? >> they probably could not, but they could mount a civil case probably in belize and they could use that civil case as a mechanism to take his testimony under oath in the united states and sort of do their own private investigation into the murder if they think belize police authorities are not properly
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investigating. so the story is not over yet. >> it is so complex and so fascinating. thank you. so mr. mcafee is insisting that he has absolutely nothing to do with the death of his neighbor, gregory faull respect and that he left belize to escape what he calls police persecution. anncr: some politicians seem to think medicare and... social security are just numbers in a budget. well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future...
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we know more now about the apparent suicide of the london nurse who was involved in the british royal hoax. a coroner's report says that jacintha saldanha was found hanged by a scarf. colleagues found her body last friday. she was hanging from a closet door at the hospital living quarters. she left three notes behind. but the content of those notes right now is not being released. there has however been a request for a death inquiry, an inquest. her death is coming obviously after that prank call at the hospital where kate middleton was being treated for morning sickne
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sickness. syria's government is approaching collapse and is urging assad to stop the fighting and allow a political transfer of power. number two, this all comes as the country denies reports of its military using scud missiles against rebel groups inside its own borders. and also number three, russia a long time ally of president as sad is now saying that the opposition may in fact win this civil war. all of this on the heels of course of the united states move to recognize the opposition movement as the representation of the syrian people. and in the meantime, back on the streets where all of that fighting goes on every single day, this is one heck of a story of courage. a 17-year-old crawling directly in it to the line of sniper fire desperately trying to save the life of an innocent victim. an exclusive report given to
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cnn. >> reporter: a firt slithers across the street, his body hugging the cold pavement. yards away, a woman lies motionless. sha she's been shot by a sniper. her rescuer is not a relative nor a neighbor. he's never met her. abdallah is just 17. he knew he had to save the woman or die trying. when we met him later, he tells us -- we had a feeling that she was still alive. we wanted to save her, to get her to it a hospital. and he as he crawls closer, he can see her hand, her fingers shaking. cover him, cover him, someone shouts. other fighters lay down cover
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fire. abdallah quickly ties the hose to her legs, but he's unable to retreat. i said to myself, if i die, it's god's will that i die next to this woman, he tells us. finally, he makes a run for it. and the rebels drag the woman back. the woman and her son were walking right down the street. rebel fighters shouted at them to stay away, but it was too late.
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allepo is crisscrossed with similar sniper alleys. some are nope, but others do not reveal themselves until the first shot is fired. despite his efforts, the woman dies. her son utterly distraught. don't die now, don't die today, he pleads. answer me, mom, answer me. she's not dead, she's not dead, he says, as he collapses. abdallah is left wondering whether her life could have been saved if he'd reached her sooner. until recently, he worked as a bakery. now like thousands of young syrians, he puts his life on the line. i'm not a hero, i'm just like anyone else, abdallah tells us. and we're left to wonder how many similar acts of courage go unrecorded every day in syria.
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and how many innocents are lost. arwa damon, cnn, allepo. >> just incredible reporting. as the ground fighting continues, the united states has announced that it's going to provide $14 million for emergency supplies and medical carry to help the syrians through what's coming that very cold winter ahead. and those supplies include things like plastic insulation boots, something as simple as that, and also nutritional items. ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
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it's the holiday season and we all have a wish list, don't we in the democrat? democrats and republicans are no different only santa's toy sack is nowhere big enough to include everything the parties want. the white house wants higher taxes on the wealthy. here's a quick look at the republican's wish list. they want to bring in $800 billion in new revenue. that's lower than what the democrats want. they want to raise the
8:21 am
eligibility age for medicare. and today house minority nancy pelosi had this to say. >> the president has been very specific, do you not agree? [ inaudible question ] $1.6 trillion. at some point, you are cutting the seed corn of our future. the president wants investments in infrastructurinfrastructure, investments. you're not going to reduce the deficit by only cutting your way to it because you will cut the prospects for job creation which produce revenue. >> so while people in washington go back and forth over the fine print, what does it mean for you on january 1st? your personal economy of one as we like for say. i asked you to tweet me some of
8:22 am
your questions and you've been fabulous at doing that. one of the best in the business, ali velshi, is kind enough to grace us with your presence. >> those are great questions. great to know what people want to know. >> there were so many. let me get some of the highlights. lisa asks how does this affect the extension of unemployment benefits which expire december 31. >> this is awful. this is the worst part about it. unemployment benefits are traditionally 26 weeks provided by your state. when the financial crisis hit, the federal government added extra weeks to that so you could get either 79 or 99 weeks. the average length of time that you're unemployed right now is about 40 weeks. but as of december 31, the federal extension will end which means you will then only qualify for the 26 weeks. if you're in the federal extension, you're getting it, it
8:23 am
ends. and then there after, you can only get your 26 weeks from the state. there is discussion about extending it and it's a tough one. that's a political football. >> i don't know if i'm pronounce this name right, but the question is i was hoping to buy a house after the new year. if we fall off the cliff, how whether it affects the process or mortgage taxes. >> this is the best time probably ever to buy a house because you have low prices and historically low interest rates. if you have good credit, 20% down, you can get a mortgage for 3 and dhak percent. nothing is likely to change with the process. the one thing that's interesting is one of the biggest government expenses is the mortgage interest rate deduction. costs the government about $100 billion a year and it's increasing at a rate of about 10% a year. doesn't get us much. you look at canada, home ownership rate is hire than it is in the united states.
8:24 am
so from a return perspective, it's not very good. but it's not very political. >> canadians are used to that. >> you are correct. so you can phase it out. you can say people buying a house over a certain amount or income over a certain amount, you get less of a deduction. you can phase it out so it's only affecting lower income people because right now, the vast majority, savings from the mortgage interest rate deduction, go to wealthy homeowners. >> but then of course they build houses and felt the houses with goods. >> and that creates jobs. so the short answer is probabiliprobably not going away. >> and another one. we're small business owners. how will the fiscal cliff hurt us. >> this is a big answer. i don't know your specific situation, but the bottom line is it will probably affect small businesses in a couple ways. first of all, they tend to deduct things and run their taxes many ways through their personal income. you may fall into the alternative minimum tax and the
8:25 am
bad thing about that is that you can't deduct things. the department of revenue says we'll go from 4 million people who file under amt, that will explode. the other thing is there will be fewer deductions quite possibly. one of the advantages is you can deduct lots of things. many of those will change. you'll have to speak to your accountant about the specifics, but it will probably have an effect on you if you're a small business. if you're swlf employed, especially more things that will affect you because the things you pay like medicare iks payroll tax deduction, those will fall to you. make sure you get it right. if you're a major corporation, you have a team accountants figuring this out. >> i'm only going to cut you off for the speaker of the house because he's live on capitol hill with his weekly address. >> -- with a bipartisan agreement that is truly balanced and begins to solve our spending problem. the president still has not made an offer that meets those two
8:26 am
stand standards. but republicans have. the president obama's proposals have been anything but balanced. he wants far more in tax hikes than spending cuts and instead of beginning to solve our did you tell probledebt problem, he new stimulus spending and the ability to raise the debt limit whenever he wants without any cuts or reforms. it's clear that the president's just not serious about cutting spending. but spending is the problem. how big a problem? look at this chart put together by paul ryan and budget committee. this line is the current baseline for revenue. here if the president got everything he wanted, over $1.4 trillion in taxes, this is what that would represent. but if you look at the spending problem, you see it does nothing.
8:27 am
nothing to solve the spending problem that our country has. republicans want to solve this problem by getting the spending line down. the president wants to pretend spending isn't the problem. that's why we don't have an agreement. the chart depicts what i've been saying for a long time now. washington has a spending problem that can't be fixed with tax increases alone. the right answer is to start cutting spending, addressing our debt, and paving the way for long term economic growth. unfortunately the white house is so unserious about cutting spending that it appears willing to slow walk any agreement and walk our economy right up to the fiscal cliff. doing that puts jobs in our country in danger. jeopardizes a golden opportunity to make 2013 the year that we enact fundamental tax reform and
8:28 am
entitlement reform to begin to solve our country's debt problem and, frankly, revenue problem. as you can see from this chart, real revenue growth is critically important as long as real cuts in spending if we're going to solve our long term fiscal problem. as i said five weeks ago, the election wasn't a mandate to raise taxes on small businesses. it was a mandate for both parties to work together to take on the big challenges that our country is facing. republicans are ready and eager to do just that. we made a reasonable offer. it's now up to the white house to show us how they'll cut spending and give us the balanced agreement that the president has talked about for week. if the president will step up and show us he's willing to make the spending cuts that are needed, i think we can do some real good in the days ahead. if not, he wants to keep chasing
8:29 am
higher spending with higher taxes, this chart will look a whole lot worse. and our kids and our grandkids are the ones who will suffer because washington was too short sighted to fix the problem. >> several recent polls have showed that about 75% of the public believes that the tax rates for the upper income eners should expire. why are you holding out if a tax cut for the wealthy that even many wealthy say shouldn't -- >> raising tax rates will hurt small businesses at a time when we're expecting small businesses to be the engine of job creation in america. ernst & young has made it clear if we were to do what the president is asking for, some 700,000 jobs would be at risk. it's as simple as that.
8:30 am
>> why is it we're here every single year? >> we really shouldn't be. i argued going back to spring that this issue had to be dealt with. that's why in may the house moved a bill to replace the sequester with other cuts and mandatory spending. that's why in july the house passed a bill to extend all the current tax rates. i've been pushing all year for us to address this problem. but here we are at the 11th hour and the president still isn't serious about dealing with this issue right here. it's this issue. spending. now, you go back to -- you you want to talk about polling, most americans would agree that spending is a much bigger problem than raising taxes. they want us to deal with this in a responsible way. >> whatever the issue, it takes as long as you're in december to --
8:31 am
>> unfortunately, that is the case that we're dealing with . today. [ inaudible question ]. >> i don't quite understand what the question is. >> you will not do thinking with the upper rates? >> the law of the land today is that everyone's income taxes are going to go up on january the 1st. i've made it clear that i think that is unacceptable. but until we get this issue resolved, that risk remains. >> could you describe how difficult it is to craft a deal that your conference will support while not jeopardize your job as speaker? >> i'm not concerned about my job as speaker. what i'm concerned about is coming the right thing for our kids and our grandkids. and if we don't fix this spending problem, their future
8:32 am
is going to be rather bleak. >> they say they have put spending cuts on the table and that you know what they are. >> they have put some spending cuts on the tail. unfortunately, the new stimulus spending they want almost outstrips all of the spending cuts that they've outlined. [ inaudible question ]. >> there is no such list. [ inaudible question ]. >> right after the election you said increasing tax rates was unacceptable and since then, you say things like you oppose that. that's do oppose the idea.
8:33 am
[ inaudible question ]. >> -- to decouple that and then -- >> ifs ands and butts are like candy and nuts. if that were the case, every day would be christmas. listen, my goal is to get to -- i know, it's going to be here real soon. my goal is to get to an agreement with the president that addresses this problem. [ inaudible question ]. >> i have no idea. [ inaudible question ]. >> do you think senator reid or then senator obama would have ever given to president george w. bush the unlimited ability to
8:34 am
raise the debt limit? >> they're talking about doing it now. >> i know they're talking about doing it now. du do you think there's any chance that senator reid or senator obama would have done that? zero. congress will never give up our ability to control the purse. and the fact is that the get limit ought to be used tobly fiscal sanity to washington, d.c. [ inaudible question ]. >> if the justice department is not going to enforce the law of the land, respect the congrethe.
8:35 am
thank you all. >> there you have it. feels a little like groundhog day. >> alway little. >> we should highlight that the new stimulus that the democrats are proposing in the latest go-round, he suggests that it actually outstrips all the spending cuts. he's also saying a lot of what we've already heard, but he brought along wonderful props which i heard you saying off camera saying that's a great chart, but it's not all together -- >> it's inaccurate. it really troubles me that he's doing this. he talks about the study -- >> the study says about 700,000 jobs would be at risk if the wealthiest 2% were not to continue having their tax cuts. >> correct. >> and the ernst & young report you suggested is commissioned --
8:36 am
>> by the national federation of independent businesses and u.s. chamber of commerce. they have lobbied for into increase in taxes. what he's saying is -- i've said it before, there is just nobody who corroborates this study. it doesn't transfer. because everybody talks about small business as the engine of growth. small business does not create more jobs than big business does in this country. end of story. it is a myth that we started to believe. small businesses create more of the new jobs in this country under normal circumstances than large businesses do. because large businesses layoff tons of people and hire tons of people. small businesses are more consistent. there is a myth that somehow -- here is the other thing. percentage of small businesses which transfer their wealth through their personal income and hence have to pay income
8:37 am
taxes who would be affected by this increase is a very small percent of businesses. and within that, the number of those that are actual real employers is yet substantially smaller. most of those types of businesses are self-employed, they are partnerships, law firms, rock stars. they are not employers. so there is just no way you can get to that math that 700,000 people will be put out of work. john boehner has to go back to his caucus and sell this. getti the president is not putting forward an offer and he's right p. the white house is playing a weird game. but these guys don't understand the polling is against them. the facts are against them and election has been won. top 2% will pay more tax. end of story. >> and i didn't hear the speaker address that 75% say the top 2%, take it off the table. thank you. great you stayed around. appreciate it. also remember to keep your tweets coming into us because we
8:38 am
will keep ali on the hot seat to answer your questions. tweet me with all your personal questions when the fiscal cliff and the things that you're concerned for your own personal economy. ls ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning.
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so every day i get a stack of newspapers. this is one that i am absolutely into every day. picked up my copy of the new york "post," read through it, and oftentimes i seat work of one of the bright young reporters there, suzanne. i spotted a story written about her. it was a story that she had gone mad, like stark raving mad, being hospitalized and restrained in a hospital. look at these pictures. this is the beautiful reporter i'm reading every gay in the post in a hospital bed. it's pretty shocking stuff because the things she was doing
8:42 am
sounded like the behavior of those accused of being witches, burned at the stake, demonic possession. but the the cause is astounding. mere antibiotics saved her from what might have been a lifetime of lunacy or worth, death. she wrote a book about the entire ordeal called blaine on fire. and kind enough to be with me now. this is a mouth testimony. anti-nmda receptive auto immune receptor. what is that? >> it is a mouthful, but it's ben your body's immune system attacks your own brain. >> and you're fine. you are over this. >> yes. i'm not on any medication. i'm back to where i was before. >> so you're at work, every is going fine.
8:43 am
what all of a sudden happened that you ended up in a condition that we saw you in? >> it started suddenly. i would act kind of paranoid, but it started just little things. like little paranoid thoughts started seeping in. and then it started to progress. >> you thought your father had murdered your stepmother? >> yes. >> and you thought you could age people with your mind if you were looking at them? >> yes. >> these are huge delusions. so did anyone right away say you're sick or were you written off? >> i was actually given a diagnosis of alcohol withdrawal. so that was the first diagnosis i was given. and then when i was in the hospital and my delusions got worse and worse, i was given the
8:44 am
schizo effective disorder. >> were you actually fighting and kicking the nurses? >> yes. as the disease progressed, i became catatonic, i could hardly walk. >> could you speak? >> hardly. almost mute. >> and here you are today, so i don't understand how you can go from that to this. how did they figure it out? >> basically what happened was they did a spim tnal tap that proved what i had. and the cure is really simple. it's steroids, immune therapies, pretty fairly simple. >> so how often, now that this is quite a passion of yours having lived through this, how often do you see this is never diagnosed and people go through their lives like this and it's lethal. >> it can be. and i've gotten e-mails from people who had the same symptom, same kind of presentation in the
8:45 am
1980s. and they kind of had to go through life with this and they still have cognitive deficits. >> can they be cured this far along or is there permanent damage? >> i'm not a doctor, but i think there's likely permanent damage. >> what about you? do you live in fear of a relapse, that this could all happen again? >> there is about a 19% chance that it could come back, but the fact is with early speaker venks, you can cure it again. >> and because you wrote the book and you've been doing some media kufshcoverage on this, yo had people come to you and say because of you, i asked my frdo to give me another look. >> and even since the book has come out, i've gotten several e-mails of people who have been tested and diagnosed. >> it makes you think of the hundreds of years of people who have been locked up, just written off as lunatics. and ultimately suffered through it until death, that it could have been as simple as this, a
8:46 am
mere brain disease? >> entirely. i think about exorcisms. in a different time or place, i looked possessed. like the devil was inside of me. >> did you think that you were possessed? or did you know somehow it was more than that? >> i didn't have a religious upbringing, so that wasn't part of my identity. i believed the media was following me, but other people i talked to actually did believe that the devil was inside them. >> it's a remarkable story from start to finish. i'm glad you did the book because that can really help a lot of people who may be suffering through these strange diagnoses. brain on fire. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> nice to meet you finally. i read you all the time. so there you go. we're back right after this. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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noon today, a bipartisan coalition of congressmen are planning to announce a new tax relief legislation to help victims of super storm sandy. you know that storm did tens of billions of dollars in damage and killed at least 113 people across the u.s. and cnn will bring you the information just as soon as it happens. and speaking of storm relief, this is big. check it out. rock royalty taking over madison square garden. thes abo bs abou boss and john . i'm going to shut up so you can hear them. ♪
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new jersey senator menendez is considered a proponent of immigration reform. he's used his voice in the past on arizona papers please law. yesterday he was caught on a different side of the issue. there are several media reports that his office had a college intern working for them, but that intern was in the country illegally and also an aalleged
8:54 am
sex offender. the 18-year-old has been arrested, and when senator menendez was asked on msnbc why they didn't do a background check on the young man, here's what he said. >> there's no way we could know about status. we and about status. there's no way we could know about any allegation as a juvenile of what his background would be in terms of any credibility. >> senator menendez's office released this statement, and i'll quote for you. lou wees sanchez was an unpaid college intern in our newark office for approximately two months. no staff member responsible for managing the internship program had reason to believe, based on the interview process, that sanchez had any criminal background or immigration issues. clearly mr. sanchez sought to deceive our staff. upon notification from authorities of his arrest, mr. sanchez's relationship with our office immediately ended. senator menendez was briefed on the situation today. and he is appalled. he has no tolerance for those
8:55 am
who invite the law and expects the authorities to continue to prosecute the case. senator menendez believes this incident under scores the reason we need comprehensive immigration reform that provides zero tolerance for those who have criminal records. joining me on set is cnn a's legal contributor, paul cal lan. paid or unpaid, you would assume that any government office would require a background check. >> i wouldn't assume anything about the government, ashleigh. they're pretty lax in a lot of respects, and you know, i think the menendez people are ultimately going to say, hey, this is a volunteer. this is a volunteer intern. we don't -- it's not employee. >> you you don't have to be paid? you can't volunteer. you have to be part of paid program. >> i'm looking at athe statutes in this area, and it's clear that federal law requires you to confirm that somebody has the right to work in this country when they're an employee. i don't see anything that says
8:56 am
an intern or a volunteer is an employee. so i think if somebody walks into your office and says, hey, i'd like to volunteer and see what it's like for me to be working in a law firm, i don't think i have to run a background economic. >> we have talked about juvenile offenders before, and apparently this allegation of a sex offense was born of a juvenile action, okay? some of the reporting suggests that the prosecutor's office in new jersey where this happened said that this young man registered as a sex offender but he doesn't appear on any national registry or any kint of registry. is that odd? is there a juvenile component where you register and don't appear, and what's the point of that? >> the law in this area is very complicated, because each state has a different mechanism and different rules requiring who has to register and not. then the states all try to coordinate with each other so that there's some sort of viable national registry and national way to pick this up. frankly, it's very complicated and it's very hard to track down
8:57 am
a juvenile in particular. plus, this was out of -- i think the allegation here is that he was a sex offender in another country before he came to the united states. >> but definitely there was this case that emanated from new jersey, so there should be something on the books? >> there was something on the books he was a sex offender. he volunteers to work someplace. i'm so clear that the law requires a background check. >> well, we'll determine what else is coming out of the senator's office. thank you. we're back in just a moment. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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